Our Services

Whether just coming in for a routine cleaning or for a full mouth rehabilitation we are proficient in all aspects of dentistry including implant dentistry, veneers, cosmetic/aesthetic procedures, teeth whitening, crowns, bridges, fillings, pediatric dentistry, dentures, oral surgery and endodontics (root canals). Most notable is our experience with digital dentistry (also known as CEREC) where we are able to complete a dental crown procedure in a single visit, typically in the amount of time it would take to watch a movie! A 3-D printer fabricates crowns and porcelain restorations which are precision fit using special 3-D tooth designing software. Procedures that would traditionally require 2 weeks to complete are now completed in minutes. Long gone are the days of goopy, gag inducing mould material and the frustrations that come with temporary crowns.
CEREC digital dentistry