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Pediatric Dentistry

Dentist appointment? No problem!

We want our children to grow up taking good care of their teeth. Since that includes making regular visits to the dentist, we certainly don’t want them to fear that. In fact, we’d love for them to feel comfortable – and even enjoy their visits. That’s the experience that our dentists want them to have! Let us help you instill great life habits in your children. We do all that we can to ensure your kids are comfortable and feel good about the process!

We pride ourselves in understanding children’s needs and concerns; and of course, how best to treat them:

  • To encourage their curiosity so they learn the essential facts,
  • To foster their natural tendency to want to look after themselves, and
  • To make their experiences positive ones, so that they are set through adulthood.

Why Does My Child Need To See a Dentist?

Children are recommended to see a dentist within six months of their first tooth breaking the surface of the gums and every six months thereafter. Many parents wonder why children so young should see a dentist, but there are largely preventative reasons for this.

Not only will Dr. Abas be able to detect and help prevent any early dental problems, such as baby bottle tooth decay, but he and his team will also be able to inform you about how to best care for your child’s changing mouth as they age.

When nearly half of all children ages two to eleven show some extent of tooth decay, it is easy to see how important creating a good relationship with the dentist and adopting oral hygiene habits is at a young age.


Routine Check-Ups

We know that some kids think that the dentist’s office is a scary place, which is why we make the experience as quick and easy as possible. After your child has a check-up with us, we work hard to ensure they will never be afraid of the dentist again!

Tooth Sealants

Tooth Sealants

A highly effective and economically sound preventative treatment that many parents love! If you’re considering sealants for your child’s teeth, then look no further than our office.



If your child is experiencing unusual tooth pain, then they may need to see a dentist. Even kids get cavities from time to time and we offer fillings for kids of all ages.

Let’s talk! Give us a call for a complimentary assessment. We would love to take care of your family and all of their dental needs.

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