Taking Care of Your Oral Health: What Is a Dental Emergency?

May 26, 2021 / Category: Peterabasdds

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We care about you and your family! Your overall health is very much tied to your oral health. The reality is a damaged, cracked, or infected tooth can have detrimental effects on your overall health and well-being. If you have a damaged tooth or some other dental condition, you need to determine whether it is an emergency needing immediate care, or if it is something that can wait until your next appointment. If you have a dental emergency, it is imperative that you see your dental team to prevent further pain, damage, or decay. We work hard to make sure every visit with us is comfortable, seamless, and a positive experience.

Dental Conditions that Can be an Emergency:

  • Injuries from Trauma

If you have damaged a tooth, chances are pretty good that it is an emergency. You may have damaged your tooth through biting/eating, it may be damaged in an accident, or through sports. If you have a damaged tooth, you will need to consider the extent of the damage: a broken tooth, a tooth with a severe crack, a tooth that has been knocked out or knocked loose, or a tooth that is bleeding are all emergencies. If immediate intervention is needed to stop the pain, bleeding, or preventing tooth loss is considered a dental emergency.

  • Infected Teeth

Infected teeth can qualify as a dental emergency. As everything in your body is connected, an infection in your mouth can lead to negative impacts on other parts of your body. Your mouth health is connected to your overall health; therefore, an infected tooth that is left untreated can easily lead to further health complications such as brain or heart infections. Symptoms of an infected tooth can include Throbbing pain, pain in the jawbone, fever, bad breath, or swollen lymph nodes.

  • It May Not Be an Emergency After All

If the damage to the tooth is not severe, such as a minor chip, or a crown that has come loose, then you are most likely not experiencing an emergency and you can address the problem during normal dental office hours and visits. Remember, the key consideration is whether immediate action is needed to prevent the loss of the tooth, relieve severe pain, or stop bleeding from a tooth or other oral tissue. Regardless of your needs, we have the experience, expertise, and technology to ensure your visit, every visit, is comfortable, professional, and enjoyable.

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